Buyer Inspections

Buyer Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are vital for anyone who is purchasing a home. Your home inspector will visually examine the accessible parts of the home and inspect all main systems. This inspection provides you with important information so any major problems can be fixed by the seller or otherwise negotiated prior to closing. This inspection will give you peace of mind on your big investment.

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Seller Inspections

Seller Inspections

Pre-sale inspections are important for anyone who is selling a home. Your home inspector will visually examine the accessible parts of your home and inspect all main systems. This can pinpoint any critical issues that need to be addressed prior to selling.  We want to provide you the information you need to make selling your home much less stressful.

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Warranty Inspections

Warranty Inspections

New construction and 1-year warranty inspections are important when purchasing a new home. Your home inspector will visually examine the accessible parts of the home and inspect all main systems.  These inspections can detect any major problems needing to be fixed by the builder prior to closing or prior to the warranty period ending.  This is a great way to make sure you are taking full advantage of your builder warranty.

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Pre-Drywall Inspections

Pre-Drywall Inspections

Pre-drywall inspections are an important step in purchasing a new home. Your home inspector will visually examine the home and inspect all main systems.  Pre-drywall inspections detect any major problems the builder needs to fix prior to hanging drywall.  You can close on your new home with the peace of mind everything is running and working properly.

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annual maintenance inspections

Home Maintenance Inspections

An annual inspection of your home is recommended to ensure the systems continue to run efficiently. We offer annual maintenance inspections as a preventative measure.

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Radon Testing

Radon Testing

Radon testing is one of the most important steps in purchasing a new home. Approximately 50% of homes in Colorado have elevated, unsafe radon levels. Our monitors are extremely accurate and certified by AARST-NRPP.

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sewer scope

Sewer Scope

Avoid a costly, messy repair by getting a sewer scope inspection. We use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect the sewer line to look for a wide range of problems, including blockages, cracks, offsets, root intrusion, and more.

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water quality testing

Water Quality Testing

Water quality testing checks for potential contaminants.  This testing is available for homes with a public or private water source.  After acquiring a sample of water, we send it to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

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mold inspections and testing

Mold Inspections & Testing

We offer comprehensive mold inspections and indoor air sampling services.  This is especially important for individuals who are immunocompromised.  Others affected by poor air quality are people with allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems. We want to give you the peace of mind of having clean air when purchasing a home.

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The Axon Promise

We will do everything possible to provide our customers with the highest quality services available. We will strive to provide a professional experience and thorough inspection that will leave our customers confident in the state of the property.

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